At the end of each academic year a new three-member presiding board is being elected for the next academic year, in order to improve the Synod's efficiency. The three members rotate presidency during their term.

Resolutions are adopted by the 4/5 majority of the attended Universities. Nevertheless any other opinion is being recorded.

The Synod carries out three regular meetings, in September, February and June. These meetings take place each time in different University so as to strengthen and promote the significant work of the regional Universities.

It also carries out as many extra meetings as it needs, which take place in Athens, on specific issues, which are decided by the presiding board or the 1/3 of Synod's members. Until today, 58 regular meetings have being carried out.

Within the framework of the Synod, various Committees incorporate and function as: the Synod of Presidents and Secretaries Research Committee and the Synod of Secretaries Research Committee of the Hellenic Universities. These Synods carry out meetings just before the Rectors' Synod one.

The Rectors' Synod of the Hellenic Universities is a member of the European University Association and participates in the E.U.A. Council. Within the framework of the international relations development of the Hellenic Universities, the Rectors' Synod has organized two international conventions and it has invited to its sessions delegates from European Rectors' Synods as from France and Germany.