The Hellenic Universities Rectors' Synod is a non legislated organ, established in 1987, when it also started to operate as a forum of exchanging views and ideas. From 1990 the Synod, obtaining a composed character and a permanent Secretariat, started to broaden its spectrum of initiatives. As a result, the Synod today plays a significant role in the area of University Education.



The Synod's object is to co-ordinate the Universities' activity and to act as their delegate in order to attain, among others, the goals that follow: To form views on various educational and research issues especially of those of university. To elaborate initiatives in order to achieve an effective association between Universities and their social, cultural and economical surrounding. To contribute to the Governmental planning and applying measurements of educational and research policy. To promote University Community views. To develop the association with equivalent international Unions. To promote aspirations and consolidate interests of the University Community members. Synod's members are Rectors and Vice-Rectors of Hellenic Universities as well as Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Administrative Committees of Hellenic Universities. Delegates from Universities of Cyprus are also invited to participate as observers.